We love big calligraphy on the floor, that’s why we produce Giant Writing Tools. Please take a look and feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Giant Flexible Pen

The Giant Flexible Pen is a Giant Writing Tool for writing on the floor. Its pressure sensitive twin nib imitates the expanding stroke of copperplate pens. Some of you might know such a tool as “Whopperplate”.


  • Sheet bronze, 1 mm, spring hard
  • Léonard stencilling brushes series 397, 12 mm, pig bristles, replaceable
  • Continuous adjustable flexure for custom hardness
  • Square cut handle, slightly rounded for perfect control
  • Light weight spruce wood, open-pored,
    25 × 25 mm
  • Total length 110 cm / 100 cm, total weight 540 g
  • Handcrafted small series
  • Manufactured by an organ builder and precision mechanic
  • Made in Werder (Havel), Germany
  • Customizable (e. g. length, handle, decor)
  • 120 €

This Giant Writing Tool is inspired by the work of several type teachers.

Apparently the first who had built such a tool was Bill Hildebrandt from Connecticut. He sold a smaller tool called “Whopperplate”®. We only saw some small photos and a video in which Paul Antonio uses his one.

We first saw such a giant pen in the hands of Erik von Blokland, Netherlands. He had built one for teaching the different principles of letter shapes after Gerrit Noordzij: Expansion vs. Translation. Look here, and here.

Further we know of Timothy Donaldson’s giant pointed pen in England.